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About Company

BLG is an international infrastructure consulting organization providing services for Highways, Bridges, Rail, Metro, Tunnels, Buildings, Water Resources, Urban Development & Geotechnical Investigation.


M/s BLG Construction Services(p) Ltd. was envisioned by Vaibhav & Saurabh Varshney & laid the company's foundation stone on 1997 as firm name BLG Construction Services & cponverted to Pvt. Limited in 05 May 2005 Over the year, BLG has grown to its current size of more than 600 full time employees and is a recognized leader in the filed of Civil Engineering Consultany which includes Designing, Investigation, Third Party Inspection, costruction Supervision and Construction of Infrastructure Projects. Out Team is specialists in developing , implementing and managing projects at the regional , sub-regional, nation and international level.

Our technical staff includes Engineers, environmentalists, Planners,Architects, Geologists, Scientists, Economists, Policy Experts,Social Scientists, IT Experts and Legal and Regulatory Analysts.





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What we provide

BLG is a multinational infrastructure consulting organization providing services for consultancy, feasibility studies, Transaction Advisory, Detailed Project Report, software development, GIS Mapping, Third Party Inspection, Construction supervision and construction.

Urban Development

Having experience of preparation of detailed project report/ construction supervision/ third party inspection of more than 3000 projects across India.

Building Projects

Having experience of Preparation of Detailed Project Report /Supervision of Building Construction Projects

Transport Sector

Over 25,000 km experience of maping , design/construction supervision of highways.

Rural Development

Over 25,000 Km experience of mapping, Design/construction supervision of Village Roads.

Railway Engineering

Over 500 km experience of mapping,designing of Railway Projects

Industrial Development

Having experience of Preparation of Detailed Project Report for development of infrastrucutre work in industrial sector.

Real Estate Development

Having experience of Preparation of Feasibility and detailed Project Report/Supervisin of Real State Projects.

Water Supply

Having experience of preparation of feasibility study, preparation of Detailed Project, construction supervision, Third Party Inspection of major urban and Rural water supply projects.

Water Resources

Having Experience of more than 50000 Sq. Km of investigation, survey with modern technology and preparation of DPR. Third party Inspection and quality assurance, supervision.

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